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In the digital world we live in today, having your own website for your small business is very important. This allows you to advertise your company and services to many people all around your town at all hours of the day. However, because every other business in your area has a website, the real trick is standing out in the crowd. Thus, the struggle is to make your website more visible than other business that offer similar services. Nowadays, when someone searches for a keyword, search engines will come up with not just hundreds and thousands but also a million search results of different websites. The competition is tight and coming up with a site that will be on the first page of the SERPs that will be more visible is a virtual imperative.

To make your small business more visible online, there’s no more effective solution than Search Engine Optimization. SEO improves your website visibility to attract more traffic to your site by adding variety of elements namely picture description, keywords and to make the URL easily located by the search engines. These ways when done effectively and properly will all make drastic changes to your site’s visibility online. With popper optimization, you can expect better search engine placement, more traffic to your site, many more leads and ultimately more sales of your goods and services. However, doing search optimization on your own can be very difficult and you may miss tons of important factors that only professionals know. You need to find an agency that you can entrust your investments with and do SEO services for you.

The Cost of Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to choosing an SEO company, one factor to consider is the cost. Dollar for dollar there are few other marketing options provide such a high return on investment. Many businesses report that their typical ad spend is 10% to 45% of the gross receipts.  SEO for most local businesses will run 2% to 10% of your gross. There are agencies that offer a lower cost option to small businesses looking for an online marketing solution. I’m sure you would agree that cheaper is not always better. Most of us have tried a low-price marketing option at some point in our practice. I have yet to hear from an entrepreneur that said the low-price gamble paid off.

SEO is more about value than cost. If you spent $500 and made $6000 in sales that might be a nice return on your investment. If you spent $2500 and made $40,000 you would consider that a win, right? Too often as business owners we get hung up on the cost of the ad and not what it produces. Once you can set this thinking aside you are open to another level of growth.

SEO is completely capable engine for drive your business. And with its higher that standard ROI it is easy to see how you could be dependent entirely on SEO for leads and sales in your business. However, smart

business owners know that marketing is a wheel and SEO is just one spoke of that wheel.  The top 1% of income earners in any industry are creating more business using a multitude of marketing methods. They also test new marketing mediums and messages all the time. If you are going to get to that level or anywhere close, you have got to put ROI in front of cost on your decision making filter.

High ROI makes SEO a great value for Small Businesses

Getting SEO services will help you site to be more visible online. Once a user searches for something related to your site, services and offers provided then search engines will easily find your site and users can see you on the first pages of the search results. Doing so will drive more traffic to your site. If you are ready to add Local SEO to your Small business marketing arsenal, give us a call.

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