Organic SEO VS PPC

Search Engine Optimization versus Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When it comes to online marketing traffic goals, you have tons of approaches and methods to choose from. Each of them all aim to give you effective and massive result like traffic, lead and sales. More Sales equals an increase in your business revenue. However, each of these marketing methods also has different time frame, costs and of course difficulty of maintaining. Two of the most talked and debated are organic SEO and PPC.

In Las Vegas where online marketing is a huge industry, organic SEO vs PPC has been a long on-going debate. Personally, I feel that if both are done correctly you can maximize your ROI. Though SEO is remarkable less expensive, PPC can offer massive value to your practice.

PPC is more expensive/time consuming than SEO

If the budget fits then going for PPC will not be a huge issue for you. This may cost upwards of $200 just for a single click of your ad. This price is expensive and this is because of the competitive bidding structure. If you are a large company in a competitive industry willing to shoulder these high-costs advertisements, you had better make each click count.

While on the other hand, organic SEO gives these advertising for free. You’ll be advertised by search engines and this alone will give you higher returns without giving off too much investment.

Local Search SEO demands less admin effort

Handling and administering PPC campaigns is such a tedious job. It requires not just constant monitoring but also continuous funding. Sure you can get short term effective results but once you stop putting money into it, you’ll see the progress going away. If you have someone on staff that has the time and you can afford it is a good idea for your practice. SEO offers constant and consistent leads with no extra effort.

With search engine optimization, once you have already ranked well, you can stop for a while say a week or two to focus on more aspects of the business. When you get back, you can carry on where you left off and you can still have a good ranking. SEO does work for you even you are not around thus it’s less time-consuming and no need to put in more and more money to keep the advertisements alive.

People distrust advertisements

PPC is a pay-per-click advertisement campaign which means that users need to click on the ad to get the traffic you want and need. This clicking action alone is already an action that you can expect from searchers.   No matter how relevant or helpful your business is for a customer, the fact that it’s an advertisement, many will already distrust clicking it.

People nowadays are more doubtful with clicking ads hence they tend to use the search engines and trust the search results more.

SEO has a larger scope

When it comes to number of audiences and potential customers to reach, there’s no doubt that SEO can outdo PPC campaigns. A website optimized using SEO technique can rank higher in multiple search engines. Whilst, PPC is limited only to search engines providing advertising services. Examples are Google and AdWords. Bad news is that other search engines don’t show ads up such as Bing, Yahoo! And more. That being said, rest assured that organic SEO can reach more people with no limitation.

SEO focuses more on relevant content

PPC ads are more obvious in getting traffic and this too much transparency annoys visitors at once. They usually don’t spend time looking at pages asking them to do some action such as clicking buttons without getting any relevant information at all. PPC shows obvious agenda which is marketing rather than providing people with relevant content and top-quality posts that will leave them with knowledge and learning.  That alone could encourage them to visit again in the future, instant repeating traffic there indeed.

SEO is less difficult to implement

PPC campaigns are not just time consuming but also very challenging as well. Sometimes, it takes months of both learning and experimentation to get to that goal. While on the hand, SEO is less difficult to handle plus it focuses not just on the number of keywords that may drive traffic. SEO focuses on making sure that your site is perfectly structured and the contents are all high-quality, engaging to people and informative.

SEO is a marathon while PPC is a Sprint

PPC can give you drastic increase in traffic but once you stop the campaign and the ads all disappear, you are out of business. If you like the idea of being able to shut your business down for a few days PPC offers a unique marketing opportunity. With SEO, people searching for certain key words will continue to visit your site even when you are not open for business. Natural search results will still exist even if the ads disappear. Your site listing will appear even if you don’t have money to continue an advertisement campaign.

A smart business owner will implement both SEO and PPC in their ad budget. Both PPC and SEO can be handled by an outside company. Both have an upfront set up or retainer fee if you are dealing with a quality agency. Paid traffic can offer results in about 3 to 5 days. SEO will take more than 60 days to get real traction. Paid search traffic will generally cost about 5 to 7 times your SEO companies monthly fees even if your PPC is perfectly set up.

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