Organic SEO – How to Properly Choose Keywords

If you’ll look into various latest SEO techniques, you’ll always see the magic trick of choosing the best keywords for your content and you’ll be safe. The question is how to properly choose the keywords that we can use in our site’s articles and blog posts without overdoing it.

How Search Engines look at keywords?

First, let’s know first how search engines look at the keywords and how they use them to know where to put your site. By default, search engines loot at articles using the top 4 most dominant words to be found in the content. If Google for example, finds a specific word that has been repeated in your post for so many times, it will displays ads that are related to these words or phrases and the rankings will start there.

Search engines make use of keywords so much it’s an important task to always choose the best keywords for your articles. Aside from that, you should have the talent of connecting your keywords also to your target audience and to what your website is all about. You cannot use keywords that are irrelevant to what you can offer. For example, if your target consumers are those looking for fashion then keywords that can encourage fashionable peeps are needed. Choosing related to keywords to your target audience and website will help you earn more decent traffic, more actions and of course additional leads and sales in no time.

In choosing keywords for your articles, one of the factors to consider is its popularity. Of course, using keywords that are too common will surely end up into huge competition among other sites and businesses. What you need are keywords that don’t have much competition like those that has about 20,000 competing websites. In this way, you’ll be unique and you can rank quickly.

Long tail keywords like those 3-4 words are recommended than those single keywords. Aside from they have lesser competition, they are easier to rank and they have larger conversion rates.

In making your picks for the best keyword, the trick is to decide your main, secondary then the third keywords. The two of these must be related to your niche and some must be related to each other. In this way, Google can see phrases that are semantically related and search engines like it better hence this will make your articles rank higher.

Remember that choosing the right keywords doesn’t mean you have to find the best among the rest. You need to know a few of them, know where to put them and make use of words and phrases related to them. All these will boost your site’s traffic and produce more sales.

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