Organic Strategies For Local Business Ranking In 2017.

When Google changed its 7-pack to 3-pack, we knew it would make things very competitive for businesses to rank in the coveted top spots.

That’s the reality and in fact, it’s going to get harder in 2017 and onwards. It’s time local businesses from major cities like Las Vegas to small county businesses looked beyond the standard 3-pack focused strategy of past years.

Granted, local SEO still maintains its position as leverage to grow your business. But in this guide, we’re going to explore some other organic strategies you can use for your local marketing campaign.

The Dynamics Of Local Search Has Changed.

The race to feature in the 3-pack is fierce as every business wants that spot for the enormous free traffic from Google’s local results. But your chances are diminishing as you need to contend with competitors. In addition, potential customers will read through at least four other ads before any opportunity to see your business.

It appears paid listings are being favored with the top spots on local SERPs here is an example of what you’re going to have to deal with {Gyi Tsakalakis}. You will observe that there’s just one ad from the local pack on mobile search results above the 3-pack, with four other ads before it.

When you click on the 3-pack results using a desktop, that’s when you land on the local finder. You’ll still see two paid local search results above the other listed businesses and only the companies with paid ads are starred. This must give them sort of edge over other listings.

All these changes can seem quite discouraging, but there are always options when you apply specific strategies to your campaign. We’ve seen this work for businesses time and again.

Don’t give up on the local pack just yet. On the contrary, it should remain a priority even when you don’t have a PPC budget.

A large volume of reviews, for instance, can boost your chances in this regard. Assuming your business has the highest rating score, if users were to sort results (see below image) based on business rating, you have a good chance of ranking at the top.

business rating