Explaining The 3Rs To Newbies.

On-Page-SEO-FactorsIn your interaction with new leads, you’ll frequently come across clients that have little to no idea about tech/SEO lingo. The fastest way you can alienate yourself and lose their attention is by throwing industry specific words at them.

How do you explain some of these terminologies to a brick-and-mortar business owner trying to generate traffic to his/her first website and launch a marketing campaign? All they want is more business and here you are talking about PPC and PPA, SERP and SEM. Keep at it, and they are likely to just give up on the whole thing entirely.

Your ability to explain many of these terms in a way the client can understand could make or break the success of your pitch. Save yourself and potential clients a lot of trouble by distilling all that SEO information into the three most important key terms even the most basic non-techie person can relate with: reputation, site rankings, and revenue.

Keep your technical jargon for your fellow industry experts and let’s look at a better way of getting your message about SEO across: