Go Local SEO started out as a group of true to life geeks that cracked the code to search engine optimization. The team started out just ranking their own websites. So the original intent was not to be the best local SEO company.

There is a pretty big divide between the good and the bad search engine marketing consultant. So the Go Local SEO team started offering SEO consulting for local businesses. The rest is history.

John Larson entered the online marketing arena in ______.

Having spent thousands of dollars with search engine marketing that didn’t work Tom Browne had written off the idea that search marketing actually worked. Go Local SEO changed all that. They did what they said they would and ranked Tom’s businesses on the first page of the search engines and set up a profitable paid traffic campaign. Within 2 years he went from $260K in annual revenue to $2.8M.

Tom exited that business and bought in to the Go Easy Digital Brand and the Go Local SEO Brand. Today he actively seeks out customers to help with the growth of their practice.

Go Local SEO was built on the foundation of doing what they say will do. We guarantee results or you don’t pay. When you are ready to grow your leads and sales we are here to help. Contact Go Local SEO today.